Timeline: A Short History of Cambodia

Khmer Painting of Angkor Watt

Khmer Painting of Angkor Watt


1993: Royal Government of Cambodia

1991-93: United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia [UNTAC]

1979: Vietnamese forces invade and take control from Khmer Rouge

1975-79: Democratic Kampuchea under control of Khmer Rouge

1970: Khmer Republic proclaimed

1955: Norodom Sihanouk elected and period of “Buddhist Socialism” begins

1953: Independence granted

1863: Treaty with France marks start of colonial period

1845: Thailand and Vietnam compromise

17th and 18th centuries: Repeated incursions by Thailand and Vietnam

1593: Thailand invades and Cambodia becomes part of the Kingdom of Ayudhya

9th-14th centuries: Angkor Kingdom known as Khmer Empire, was one of the most powerful empires in Southeast Asia, at times ruled over and/or vassalized parts of modern-day Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Malaysia

3rd-7th centuries: Funan society covering southern Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and southern Vietnam

About this edition:

This is the complete text of the 2nd edition of the book. A Short History of South East Asia is now in its 5th edition, and is available to purchase from Amazon (www.amazon.com) and many other book shops.  Original posted at: aseanfocus


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