Court orders Thai-Cambodia troop pullback

The United Nation’s highest court has ordered both Thailiand and Cambodia to withdraw troops from a disputed border area around an ancient Khmer temple – the scene of years of violent clashes.

The ruling on Monday – at a public sitting in The Hague, the Dutch capital where the ICJ is seated – followed Cambodia’s earlier request to the court, calling for an immediate withdrawal of Thai troops from the area.

Cambodia in late April launched a bitter legal battle before the ICJ in which it asked for an interpretation of a 1962 ICJ ruling around the 900-year-old Preah Vihear temple.

Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay reports from the Thai-Cambodia border.



2 Responses to “Court orders Thai-Cambodia troop pullback”
  1. Lovepeehs05 says:

    …especially the damaging to the Preahviha Temple that it should not be happened, if we had done correctly.

  2. Lovepeehs05 says:

    That’s the way we should be! There should be no troops from both sides in surrounding Preahviha Temple. I had discussed and proposed to have no troops from the beginning for the purpose of developing tourist area. They have just wasted of the times, lives, and money!

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